Creating the Future We Deserve It Takes All of Us

The mission of the Ms. Foundation for Women is to build women's collective power in the U.S. to advance equity and justice for all.

We envision a world where all of us can live full, secure, and healthy lives. But because different circumstances affect our life outcomes, we need equity. In a thriving democracy, everyone has these opportunities.

At our 50th anniversary milestone, we celebrate our impact and acknowledge the continued urgent need for our work. To create a future that works for everyone, we must mobilize the next generation of feminists.


EMPOWER grassroots organizations led by women & girls of color.

4,881 grant awards to grassroots leaders to date, with new grantee partners coming soon as we launch Ms. Midwest.

EXPAND the gender equity movement.

With the generous support of allies in this movement, spanning multiple generations and transformative legacy gifts, we are on track to reach our $100M goal by June 2024 when this campaign closes:

$83,134,816 raised with your support

With this, Ms. Foundation can continue to close the funding gap, supporting more grantee partners who serve their communities and protect rights every day.

SCALE effective targeted philanthropy

Building upon our groundbreaking research, we recently published Living With Pocket Change: What It Means to Do More With Less, a study that examines the impact and real life experiences of chronic philanthropic underinvestment and disinvestment in the leadership of women and nonbinary people of color. This report includes actionable recommendations for effective philanthropy, moving beyond trust and towards care.

Read the full report at


Our Impact

  • No Strings Attached | Unrestricted funds enable leaders to direct money where it is needed most in their impact.
  • Multi-year Investment | Longer-term support enables organizations to work towards larger goals.
  • Wraparound Support | The training, coaching, technical assistance, healing and wellness resources we offer grantee partners helps fortify the frontline leaders of this movement.
  • National Reach | We are driving progress across the country through our wide support of grassroots-level advocacy, power-building, and leadership development

Invest With Us, Invest Together

Join Our Vision

Creating the Future We Deserve

To provide safety, health, and economic opportunities for all -- and for the future of our democracy, we must mobilize the next generation of feminists. Now we are launching Creating the Future We Deserve -- a campaign to raise $100 million in critical funds to continue championing this movement. We hope that you join us in this historic moment.

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